Dot - Its 2002 Origins and its Growth Since Then

Our President & CEO

Randy H. Deal began working with the Internet and website creation while he was a Real Property Tax Administrator and the Director of Data Processing for a large upstate New York county in 1987. In the early 90's he created the first County Website in New York State for Madison County and later started his own website, which he still maintains to this day; Upon leaving that position his continued interest in the growth of the Web led to his forming of Dot in January of 2002. To avoid the financial failures of earlier Dot Coms, Randy decided on using a "virtual staff" where he could call on some of the best talent in the business, on an as needed basis, to grow the company. To date, Dot Commerce has over 2,100 registered domain names, of which a large number been fully developed into websites with an average of one new site being completed each week. Randy can be reached directly at

Our "Virtual" Programming Staff

Unlike many companies that are currently outsourcing based upon cost savings alone, we decided early on that any outsourcing of work would be based on the quality of the work produced. As a result we have three web designers from the United States, two MySQL programmers from India, a PHP programmer from Nova Scotia, another programmer and SEO specialist from Raleigh, NC, and three designer/programmers in our own Finger Lakes Region of Central New York. This combination of Internet specialists allows us to have a staff that can work both independently and collaboratively on many projects at the same time. The one feature that makes having a web-based staff so enjoyable and productive is that everyone gets to work from the comfort of their own home.

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