What is Domain Leasing?
Domain leasing is a very little known way of driving high quality, targeted traffic to your website. The people who comes to these domains are looking for a product, service, or information. This means that they are "actively" seeking what the domain has to offer. Users are never sent an email, shown a banner, or pressured to come to the website in any way. In fact, the user is actually looking for YOU!

How Do We Send the Traffic To You?
We can do a number of things to deliver the traffic you need. The most popular is for us to just forward all traffic that comes to you by redirection. However we can redirect by the way of a page, or we can point our domain to your nameservers. The choice is up to you, but either way, you will get your hits!

What is the advantages of Leasing Over Buying?
With domain leasing you are given an option to "Try Before You Buy". Leasing is often easier on the pocket book while still delivering the traffic that your site deserves. This also gives your site the inital push into the market place to test the waters of your products marketability.
Domain Leasing
Are you looking to drive traffic to your site for a specific amount of time, or just want to test the waters of your site before buying a traffic name outright? We got you covered!

Most of the domains in our for sale section can be leased for a month or longer at the fraction of a price of buying a name outright. Alot of our traffic names have proven branding potential and can benefit your site with guaranteed unique visits.

What is the point of buying banner impressions per 1000 and spending enormous sums of money without ever the guarantee of even 1 person ever seeing your site? If you lease a name from us you will be able to see the real results on a day to day basis. Your advertising dollars will be well spent and people will actually see your site! Try getting that guarantee from banner advertising!

So where does the traffic come from?
Most of the traffic we acquire comes to us from general typins. We dont employ any hidden/masked links or paid to view advertising schemes. All of our traffic is 100% legit, coming from people searching for specific or general topics or services, type-ins, and various other methods.

Unless other wise noted, all of our traffic is from English speaking counties which guarantees that people who view your website will be able to view, understand, and make full use of your product or service.

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